Rio Harapan Pangihutan

Rio Harapan Ps.

Moving Forward

Hi, I'm Rio Harapan P.s, currently pursuing bachelor degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring in Physics with specialization area in Computational Physics.

I am also interesting in High Performance Computing, Data Sciences and some abroad field in technology and informatics such as Big Data, Coding Theory, Distributed Computing. I love reading and coding, so I can write some article about it.

I am (in my own claim) python developer, devops engineer, SysAdmin, writer, economics enthusiast and soon-to-be data scientist living in Bandung, Indonesia. In most of my time I work for RC-OPPINET PPMS at the Institut Teknologi Bandung as research assistant.

I'm also available to be hire for projects as a data scientist, data engineer, devops engineer, or social project volunteer. Drop me a line about your project if you're interested in working with me.

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